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China Academy of Functional Materials company limited(i.e. the academy), set up on 2011. Its company registration in shenzhen was approved by the state Administration of industry and commerce. The registered capital is RMB 1 billion, and paid-in capital is 1 billion, also with 3 billioninitial investment capital.
The academy aims at a subversive, strategic and prospective research  and industrialization operation: focusing on Original  innovation, motivaing technological evolution, accelerating industrialization of scicentific and technological achievements, so as to open a path for the capitalization of technological research. With basic concept of technology, capital, contribution and circulation, it will walk towards a scale development direction.
The academy has six major platforms for futher development which includes original innovation, industrialization, military and civilian combination, think tank, "internet +" and investment. As a high-tech industrial cluster, its researches cover 7 promising industries which are advanced material industry, public safety industry, high-end equipment industry, aerospace industry, new energy industry, and "Internet +" industry and intelligent defense industry.
So far, it has reached to the industrialization stage for the researches of SRED-1 explosive detector, industrial CT, LIDAR, new oxygen supply system, multi-functional individual barrier removal rocket projectile,vehicle-based multi-purpose fire extinguishing projectile system, emergency rapid stone breaking device, tempered glass remover.

China Academy of Functional Materials of National Energy Novel Materials Center
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