Multi-functional Individual Barrier Removal Rocket Projectile    
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The multi-functional individual barrier removal rocker projectile is mainly applicable to anti-terrorist, stability safeguard and emergency rescue, which can rapidly break various solid targets, such as the brick wall of the buildings, security doors, sandbag blindage and so on and can be used in the limited space environment such as room, corridor, roadway and so on. It has the launching characteristics of tiny sound, tiny light and tiny smoke, thus it has good hidden characteristics on the battlefield. It also has the obvious low collateral damage performance, having lesser damage to the persons and buildings around the target.
This product integrates the new launching technology, low collateral damage technology and multi-functional barrier destruction technology and achieves the following breakthroughs in terms of performance:
1. Light weight and small size: its weight is less than 8kg, diameter is 80mm and its length is about 1m;
2. Confined space launching: the launching space of length ×width × height ≥ 2.5m×2.5m×2m is OK and applicable to the closed space environment for urban combat;
3. Characteristics of three-tininess launching: tiny light, tiny sound and tiny smoke, the sound is ≤ 165dB, which is helpful for the invisibility of the combat;
4. Multi-target destruction: effectively destruct the security door, brick wall, steel target and rapidly form the assault channel;
5. Short-distance action and launching security: combat distance ≥25m;
6. Low collateral damage: collateral damage distance≤8m;
7. High precision of long-distance attacking: the drop-point distribution range of the shooting distance of 200m is less than 0.35m×0.35m;
8. Integrated design with storage, transportation and launching: it can enter the combating state from the carrying state after the handle safety and trigger safety. It can shoot within 1s, which is helpful for mastering the favorable opportunity for combat.

As an urban secret solution, this product is applicable to several cases such as anti-terrorist, stability safeguard, barrier removal in water, fire disposal, disposal of disasters and dangerous cases and so on.
1.Anti-terrorist and Stability Safeguard:

Brick wall breaking
Security door breaking
Steel target braking
Break the security door of the building to rapidly form the attacking access;
Break the brick wall of the building to rapidly form the attacking access;

2.Disposal of Disasters and Dangerous Cases

Conduct the emergency handling for the emergency and acute cases suchas landslide, road blocking etc. caused by the natural disasters such as earthquake, debris flow and so on;
Use the tailor-made shaped charge payload to rapidly destruct the target such as large stone and so on;
Use the low collateral damage technology, greatly reducing the collateral damage range, reducing the field operation warning range and enhancing the operation security;
Use the long-distance launching technology to rapidly and accurately destruct the long-distance target which is difficult to be handled by people and enhance the adaptability to the operation environment.

3.Barrier Removal in Water

During the flood period, the sudden and dangerous cases such as dangers to the water transport and bridge because the unpowered ship or bulk deposition of lots of flotages collides the pier, blocks the riverway:
The accurate long-distance attacking makes the unpowered ship rapidly sink and the flotages to be scattered quickly and timely and safely remove the dangerous case to avoid casualties and property losses;
According to the characteristics of the barrier removal target, can organize several shifts and groups to shoot the target at the same time or shoot one by one to enhance the barrier removal efficiency.

4.Fire Handling

For the complex and difficult fire cases where the fire fighting truck cannot access because the fire fighting access is blocked, the ignition point is located at the higher floor of the building, so that the fire fighting force cannot reach etc. when the fire occurs in the urban area:
For the fire in the building, the barrier removal rocket projectile can be first used to break the window or wall and launch the rocket projectile for fire extinguishing after the fire fighting access is formed.

•Break the security doors of grade A/ B;
•Use the high energy blasting technique and the breaking process takes milliseconds;
•Rapidly form the attacking access.

Security door of grade B
Security door of grade A
•The drop-point distribution range of the shooting distance of 200m is less than 0.35m×0.35m;
•High precision of long-distance attack.

200m distribution

Total mass of the system: ≤8kg;
Projectile diameter:Ф80mm;
Total system length: ≤1m;
Initial velocity at the gun muzzle: ~170m/s;
Launching space: no less than 2.5m×2.5m×2m;
Security distance at the gun muzzle: 15m;
Effective combat distance: 25m~200m;
Nondestructive drop height: ≥0.7m;
Safe drop height: ≥3m;
Vertical target intensity: 0.35m×0.35m (200m vertical target);
Impact angle: -45°~45°;
Breaking rate of the internally/ externally opened security doors ≥95%; hole breaking of the 1 and 2 brick walls ≥0.5m and the breaking rate ≥90%;
Low collateral damage performance: damage range of the broken pieces and impact wave ≤7m;
Operating temperature: -40℃~+50℃;
Immersion (water depth of 1m): 2h;
Storage years: under the packing state, the storage period of the rocket projectile in the ammunition depot is 10 years;
Sealing and packaging: conduct sealing and packaging at both terminals of the launching tube.
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