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The new oxygen supply system includes three kinds of products: disposable release type solid oxygen generator (solid oxygen generator), intelligent controllable solid oxygen generator (intelligent oxygen supply unit) and man-portable oxygen supply unit (portable oxygen supply unit).
The solid oxygen generator is a chemical oxygen supply equipment using the solid oxygen generation agent as the oxygen source. The oxygen generation substances are in the solid state before and after the oxygen release, thus are called "solid oxygen". The product volume is small, which is a little smaller than that of the standard extinguisher. It can release 3,000L oxygen one time and its performance is stable, thus it can be stored for a long time.
The intelligent oxygen supply unit uses the chemical oxygen source for oxygen supply. On the basis of the conventional oxygen supply, the automatic environment detection module is added and the oxygen supply rate can be adjusted according to the oxygen content in the air to make the oxygen rate in the air remain within the normal range.
The portable oxygen supply unit is a hi-tech product which is independently researched, developed and produced according to the international development direction of the oxygen supply for lifesaving. The weight of this product is light, the oxygen supply is durable and the supplied oxygen can be reused, providing the safety guarantee for the individual highland field combat, filling in the blank of the new oxygen supply equipment in China and reaching the advanced level of the international products of the same kind.

Solid oxygen generator:
Sufficient oxygen supply: with the same volume, it can generate more than 10 times of oxygen than that of the traditional steel cylinder.
Small volume: The product size is just equal to that of the standard extinguisher and its weight is also much lighter than that of the traditional steel cylinder, making its much easier storage, transportation and use.
Safe and durable: The range of the product storage and operating temperature is wide. The product is applicable to various climatic environments and its performance is stable, thus it can be stored for a long time.
Intelligent oxygen supply unit:
Intelligent and controllable: The product can accurately sense the concentration of the oxygen in the environment, thus it will adjust the oxygen release rate to make the users receive the oxygen with its concentration falling into the normal range.
Several oxygen supply modes: The intelligent oxygen supply unit provides the users with several choices. It can collectively provide the oxygen for several persons in the closed space or provide the individual with the oxygen for a long time under the hypoxia condition.
Portable oxygen supply unit:
Cyclic oxygen supply: The product uses the operating principle of the cyclic oxygen collection of the oxygen permeable membrane. Therefore, it can continuously supply oxygen provided that there is a power supply. It can run for 3 hours under the battery environment and no pollution is emitted.
Light weight: Its weight is about 2kg, which is equivalent to that of a bottle of laundry detergent. It is easy even for the elderly and children to carry it, thus it is very practicable.
Simple operation: Singe button for operation and the oxygen can be absorbed 3 minutes after the machine is started up.

Military field: it can be applied to the aerospace, navigation, submarine, on-board, Second Artillery, individual combat in the special environments such as the high land, field and so on and barracks equipping and rescue of the hypoxia, poisonous or harmful places etc.; civilian field: it can be applied to the indoor air adjustment, emergency medical aid, self fire rescue and provide the oxygen for the operators in the closed space such as mine or petrochemical engineering space and so on.

Solid oxygen generator:
1. Accident under the mine
If the mine disasters such as collapse, water penetration etc. occur in the mine, the air in the mine will be quickly consumed and the trapped persons will often have asphyxia or shock when they are not timely rescued. If there is the solid oxygen generator in the mine, one can provide 8 persons with oxygen for 24-hour consumption, wining valuable time for the trapped persons.

2. Submarine oxygen supply
The operating time of the submarine under the water often depends on the residual oxygen quantity in the cabin. By using the solid oxygen generator to replace the traditional steel cylinder for oxygen supply, the stored oxygen quantity of the submarine is increased 10 times with the same volume. In order to reach the same oxygen production effect, the submarine only needs 1/10 space to store the solid oxygen generator, saving lots of valuable space in the cabin.

Intelligent Oxygen Supply Unit:
1.Household and office application
At present, most civilian oxygen supply units supply the oxygen by hand or supply the oxygen at the fixed time, which easily causes poisoning due to excessive oxygen. The intelligent oxygen supply unit adjusts the oxygen release according to the oxygen content in the air, providing the stable and healthy oxygen for the household and office.

Portable Oxygen Supply Unit:
1.March on the highland
During the marching and combat in the highland and field areas, the soldiers will easily have the symptoms of altitude stress to impact their fighting capacity. The weight of the individual portable oxygen supply unit is light and it is unnecessary to fill the raw materials, thus it is very applicable.

2. Emergency Medical Treatment
Under the emergency rescue case, the medical personnel cannot carry the large heavy oxygen supply unit. The portable oxygen supply unit is easy for carrying and it can immediately provide the valuable oxygen for those who are rescued.

Solid Oxygen Generator
Dimension 140 mm (length)×140 mm (width) ×400mm (height)
Weight 15.5 kg
Range of application Atmospheric pressure of the external environment ≥0.06MPa
Oxygen supply time 35~45 min (oxygen production rate: 100L/min)
Gas quality index O2(≥99.5%); CO2 (no more than 1,000 ppm); CO (no more than 25ppm and 35ppm for the safety range of the human safety); others (CH4, metric oxide, chlorine etc.)(no more than 1 ppm); no foreign smell, complying with the physiological use requirement.
Supplied oxygen quantity Under the standard atmospheric pressure, the volume of the generated oxygen is about 3,000L (can meet the oxygen demand of 8 person each day and it is recommended that the use range of each product is ≤40㎡).
Storage period ≤5 years (the regular inspection and maintenance should carried out each year)
Surface temperature of the solid oxygen generator when it is operating ≤150℃(The recommended safe distance is 0.5m within 30min during the operation of the solid oxygen generator and after its operation)
Temperature at the oxygen outlet ≤80℃
Remarks After the reaction, the main composition in the residual is sodium chloride.

Portable Oxygen Supply Unit
Model DGBY-1
Boundary dimension 273 mm (length)×182 mm (width)×96mm (height)
Packing dimension 450 mm (length)×353 mm (width)×132mm (height)
Weight 2.25 kg
Oxygen concentration 26-31%
Oxygen flow rate 3L/min
Oxygen production mode Oxygen permeable membrane
Operating temperature -20℃-50℃
Operating pressure 60-101Kpa
Power supply DV22.2V 4.4Ah
Supply time 3h
Operating noise 30dB

Intelligent Oxygen Supply Unit
Dimension 420 mm (length)×210mm (width) ×580mm (height)
Supplied oxygen quantity Under the standard atmospheric pressure, the volume of the generated oxygen is about 4,000L.
Oxygen concentration 18-23.5%
Oxygen production mode Oxygen candle
Oxygen supply reaction time 6-10min
Power supply 12V adapter for 220V
Storage time 8 years

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